Evan D’silva Visits Canadian Office

Evan Dsilva

Evan Dsilva

Evan D’silva, Head of IT Operations at Mobilestyx visits the Canadian Office of Mobilestyx Consulting and Solutions to extend a warm welcome to all Canadian companies seeking mobility services. For facilitating the clients’ succeed in world’s rapidly evolving IT markets, Canada being a sensible choice was selected as a part of company’s expansion.

Various applications have been specially designed for the Canadians. One of them is ‘mPolice’. This helps the lay man to be in touch with Canada Police. The app features wanted lists, sex offenders, emergency numbers, local reports, list of missing persons, major cases solved, emergency numbers etc. With these features; it becomes easy for the common people of Canada to connect the Canada police. The app has been greatly useful for the Canadians.

The motto of Mobilestyx is to ensure that the existing clientals get the support and timely service they require. The office in Canada has been launched for providing all our clients with quality mobility solutions and that is the reason our clients love working with us,”says Evan D’silva.

The other offices of Mobilestyx are in Mumbai, Ontario and Irvine. The company’s corporate sales partners are located in other countries.

Source: Exec Spin