Mobilestyx Launches JLR Maximizer

Mobilestyx Consulting and Solutions has recently introduced the first Mobile App for  Jaguar Land Rover, The JLR Maximizer App. The development of the app had been meticulously organized and accomplished by our dedicated staff of proficients at Mobilestyx Consulting and Solutions.

The application is basically a sales product maximizer that generates quotations for the customers. It has user friendly interface which is easy to use.

Evan D’silva, Head of IT Operations, Mobilestyx Consulting and Solutions says, “The JLR maximizer provides the Product Specialist and manages their choice of access to customer data. It instantly compiles, prices, customizes, and prints, faxes, or e-mails your quotation. This is a good way for sales and marketing.”

With our JLR maximizer you can review record history and client interactions. One can as well manage a price-list. Price-list Management system consists the data-reports by item, product type etc. The result of the quotes can be analyzed, reported on by conversion revenue and rates, by location, product line, salesperson and so on.

We are greatly thankful to Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Raveesh Rastogi and Mr. Pursnani for devoting their valuable time throughout the development of the application. The maximizer can be easily accessed on all major platforms.